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A5 Takes Your Events To the Next Level

Planning a dynamic meeting or event can be stressful, but A5 Events is here to help. They are a trusted source for corporate event planning and will successfully execute your project from start to finish. With over 30 years of collaborative event planning experience, they know that a meaningful event not only engages attendees but inspires them long after it ends.

A5 Events specializes in the management of corporate events, charity races and other special events across the country. Most recently, they worked on an event at the Los Angeles Convention Center called Clippers SciFest, which encouraged tech companies to showcase their work to students and attendees and promote STEM research. Another area of expertise is within the airline industry; they have staged emergency preparedness training for employees as well as company events.

A5 values the importance of networking events and will assign your group to a specific planner who works behind-the-scenes to make your event seamless. With their limitless database of participants and vendors, they can connect you with catering companies, corporate sponsors, staging and technical services, and more. They also assist in contract negotiations as well as creating marketing materials that target your specific audience.

Not only does A5 help bring your events to life, but they implement sustainable event management practices to ensure they don’t leave behind a large carbon footprint. This environmental awareness, attention to detail, and commitment to creating your perfect event all come together to help foster a productive and engaging atmosphere for your attendees.

For more information about their event planning services and to contact them, please reach out to Ryan Kugler via email or at 818-848-6111.