The Best Steakhouses in the South Bay of Los Angeles

30-day dry-aged bone-in ribeye at Steak & Whisky
30-day dry-aged bone-in ribeye | Photo courtesy of Steak & Whisky, Facebook

The steakhouse is one of the most obvious examples of an All-American dining experience. Oversized wedges of iceberg lettuce dressed in bacon bits and cream; jumbo shrimp accompanied by horseradish-heavy cocktail sauce; and of course, proper portions of protein, seared as you like. It’s a national tradition embraced for generations, we are merely reliving it - frequently, with any luck. In L.A., that’s never been easier than right now. The steakhouse is enjoying a revival, of sorts. Despite the city’s supposed love of kale salads and green drinks, the Southern California carnivore is by no means neglected here. This is true throughout L.A. County. Most notably, the South Bay is peppered with an impressive assortment of cattle cutleries, both old and new, classic and modern. It’s senseless to value one over the other - best to enjoy them all. Let this definitive list be your guide.

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Brad Japhe

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5855 W. Century Blvd.
90045 Los Angeles , CA
555 E. Ocean Blvd
90802-5003 Long Beach , CA
117 Pier Ave.
90254 Hermosa Beach , CA
5716 E Second St,
90803 Long Beach , CA
903 Manhattan Ave
90266 Manhattan Beach , CA
1150 Hermosa Ave
90254 Hermosa Beach , CA
314 Avenue I
90277-5601 Redondo Beach , CA
2520 Sepulveda Blvd.
90505-3014 Torrance , CA
3490 Long Beach Blvd.
90807 Long Beach , CA